A Familiar Name In A Familiar Context

Who’s surprised that PSU’s MP3 watchdog president. Graham Spanier, has a new mission: The Pentagon Enlists Social Scientists to Study Security Issues Eager to embrace eggheads and ideas, the Pentagon has started an ambitious and unusual program to recruit social scientists and direct the nation’s brainpower to combating security threats like the Chinese military, Iraq, … Continue reading “A Familiar Name In A Familiar Context”

I’m *Still* Confused

Katie Dean’s Music Services Score an A-Plus still doesn’t answer my question — how does losing money on every transaction mean that the problem is “solved?” Does someone expect that the government is going to *mandate* that colleges and universities adopt these services? And who’s going to set *those* prices? More than 20 colleges and … Continue reading “I’m *Still* Confused”

Am I Confused?

So, sell something at a loss, declare a victory and count on … what exactly? Somehow, I just don’t get it. College P2P use on the decline? A combination of authorized music services and lawsuits is helping to control illegal file swapping on campuses, a joint entertainment industry-university group said Tuesday. In the last year, … Continue reading “Am I Confused?”

What’s Behind The University Focus Of This RIAA Round?

This latest round of RIAA lawsuits is acknowledged to be directed at university networks. As cited in the NYTimes article: “We just put a little more focus on the users of university networks so it’s clear that everybody is potentially responsible for infringing acts online,” said Cary Sherman, the president of the Recording Industry Association … Continue reading “What’s Behind The University Focus Of This RIAA Round?”

Barry Robinson Says “It Wasn’t Me”

The Register: Penn State trustee and RIAA lawyer denies conflict of interests, citing PSU’s The Collegian: Trustee member says work for RIAA played no part in deal Despite recent speculation about a possible conflict of interest, Penn State trustee Barry Robinson said his work with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) played no role … Continue reading “Barry Robinson Says “It Wasn’t Me””

The Register on PSU

I saw Ashlee Vance’s piece on the PSU/Roxio linkup and noticed that she hadn’t mentioned Barry Robinson, so I sent her an e-mail. Talk about turnaround! Penn State’s pigopolist pork is not smelling sweet Penn State’s deep ties to the RIAA are intriguing. Along with Robinson, the school’s President Graham Spanier serves as co-chair of … Continue reading “The Register on PSU”

Penn State’s PR

In addition to the press release announcing the PSU/Roxio deal, there are some other items at the PSU WWW site. U.S. Congress praises Penn State for music service initiative Congressman Howard L. Berman issued the following statement today (Nov. 6) regarding Penn State’s announcement that it will make Napster’s music service available at no cost … Continue reading “Penn State’s PR”

The First Taste Is Free

Today’s Boston Globe and NPR (so far) are announcing that Penn State is going to offer free access to digital music files to its students. The Globe suggests that Penn State has an arrangement with Napster 2.0, while NPR leaves the name of the provider anonymous but suggests that the students will not be able … Continue reading “The First Taste Is Free”

Reinventing the Jukebox? Or rejecting digital over copyright?

Today’s Globe (and NPR‘s Morning Edition) discuss the startup of MIT’s LAMP project: Reinventing the jukebox on campus [pdf] (MIT press release). The trick to the project is that, while the digital telecommunications infrastructure is used to request the music, the music is actually delivered over an analog channel, avoiding the pitfalls of current copyright … Continue reading “Reinventing the Jukebox? Or rejecting digital over copyright?”