Santangelo Settlement?

Music Companies Agree to Settle Piracy Suit (pdf) (earlier posts) After battling a suburban family for four years over music downloads, the recording industry has agreed to accept $7,000 to settle a federal music piracy lawsuit. If approved by a judge, the settlement would end a four-year fight between record companies and the family of … Continue reading “Santangelo Settlement?”

Santangelo Suit Update

Santangelo in the WaPo: ‘Internet Illiterate’ Mom Sued Over Music Downloads [pdf] The drain on her resources to fight the case — she’s divorced, has five children aged 7 to 19 and works as a property manager for a real estate company — forced her this month to drop her lawyer and begin representing herself. … Continue reading “Santangelo Suit Update”


Hi, everyone. Sorry for the hiatus, but trying to get everything back on track after breaking my ankle has been a little more difficult that I imagined. I know, I have lots of catching up to do (Santangelo developments, for example). but I figured I’d start small and ramp back up. So, here’s the Summary … Continue reading “PERFORM Act”

Someone Going To Fight An RIAA Suit

Taking on record companies [pdf] [via TechDirt] Record companies have filed about 13,300 similar federal lawsuits against Internet users across the country since September 2003. Nearly 3,000 of those lawsuits have been settled. The offending music traders have agreed to pay an average of $4,000 to $5,000 and promised not to illegally download copyrighted songs … Continue reading “Someone Going To Fight An RIAA Suit”