Some Peter Pan News

The Great Ormon Street Hospital’s search for a writer to help sustain its cash flow from Barrie’s classic has found a writer to play ball: British Writer Chosen for ‘Peter Pan’ Sequel [pdf] (earlier Furdlog postings) The Great Ormond Street hospital in London launched the search for a sequel last year to mark the centenary … Continue reading “Some Peter Pan News”

A Little More on the Peter Pan Prequel

And the business of children’s bookselling and global copyright — and the joy of Dave Barry’s smart mouth (see the end of the excerpt!): Familiar Stories With Big Sales In the age of Harry Potter, building a new children’s book franchise requires following a few simple rules: Stick with a popular genre like fantasy, right … Continue reading “A Little More on the Peter Pan Prequel”

In the UK Papers

The Great Ormand Street Hospital wants to claim Peter Pan into perpetuity, but they have probably run up against an irresistable force (I read about this last week in the UK, but haven’t had time to followup much): Hospital to fight Disney over Peter Pan rights [pdf] The hospital is to consult lawyers next week … Continue reading “In the UK Papers”

Little Known Fact on Peter Pan’s UK Copyright

Who Swallowed the Clock flags a rather stunning fact about the UK copyright to Peter Pan, as well as a not unfamiliar strategy, cited in Hospital challenges writers to make Peter Pan fly again: The three leading storytellers in Britain’s current golden age of children’s fiction are expected to balk at a challenge made to … Continue reading “Little Known Fact on Peter Pan’s UK Copyright”