Charlie Nesson vs. Rupert Murdoch

A test of the Nesson Thesis: MySpace Restrictions Upset Some Users MySpace, the Web’s largest social network, has gradually been imposing limits on the software tools that users can embed in their pages, like music and video players that also deliver advertising or enable transactions. At stake is the ability of MySpace, which is owned … Continue reading “Charlie Nesson vs. Rupert Murdoch”

Watching for more on Charlie Nesson’s proposal

Donna Wentworth "Nesson discussion circle" has a few contributions: Derek Slater’s – More on Nesson’s Technodefense Donna’s response to Derek – Let the Music Pay V My own addition – Some thoughts on Charlie’s “copyright by DoS” (rereading it this AM suggests that I can easily be accused of fuzzy idealism, but I remain convinced … Continue reading “Watching for more on Charlie Nesson’s proposal”

Tenenbaum’s Fine Reduced

A partial victory for Charlie Nesson’s strategy: File-sharing damages reduced tenfold [pdf] In a major setback for the recording industry, a Boston judge yesterday slashed by 90 percent a $675,000 damages award that a Boston University graduate student had been ordered to pay to four record labels for illegally downloading 30 songs and sharing them … Continue reading “Tenenbaum’s Fine Reduced”

Not Just My Idea, Of Course

As I noted: Admired in Class, a Scholar Falters in Court (pdf) The outcome in the Tenenbaum case saddened Professor Nesson’s friends and fans. Elizabeth Stark, who teaches at Yale University, said, “He’s very much about big ideas,” adding that “if you don’t see the big picture, then you just don’t get Charlie.” Ten years … Continue reading “Not Just My Idea, Of Course”