The New Yorker’s Article on Megan Meier

Annals of Crime: Friend Game (pdf) Like many teen-agers, Megan and her peers carried on an online social life that was more mercurial, and perhaps more crucial to their sense of status and acceptance, than the one they inhabited in the flesh. On MySpace, and on other social-networking sites, such as Friendster and Facebook, a … Continue readingThe New Yorker’s Article on Megan Meier”

Mixed Verdict in Meier Trial

MySpace trial: Jury finds woman guilty of lesser charges (pdf) Online safety experts said the verdict puts the onus on social networking sites to police their customers activities. “I think the industry was hoping there would be a strong verdict blaming one user for abusing another because that way its not their fault,” said Linda … Continue reading “Mixed Verdict in Meier Trial”

An Update on the Meier/Drew Case

Woman Who Posed as Boy Testifies in Case That Ended in Suicide of 13-Year-Old (pdf) “You’re the kind of boy a girl would kill herself over,” the woman, Ashley Grills, said the 13-year-old girl, Megan Meier, wrote before taking her own life. Testifying under an immunity agreement with federal prosecutors, Ms. Grills, 20, described how … Continue reading “An Update on the Meier/Drew Case”

Meiers Harassment Case Moving Into New Territory

MySpace Is Said to Draw Subpoena in Hoax Case According to another police report filed after a verbal confrontation between Lori Drew and Megan’s parents , Ms. Drew said that she had “instigated” and monitored the MySpace account. Ms. Drew now denies sending messages from the account, according to a statement released by her lawyer, … Continue reading “Meiers Harassment Case Moving Into New Territory”

Digital Bullying

Megan Meier, adolescence and online anonymity, revisited: When the Bullies Turned Faceless In some ways, the hoax was a tragic oddity. Most mothers don’t pull vicious pranks, and few harassed adolescents become depressed and commit suicide. But Megan’s story is also a case study about cyberbullying. Cellphone cameras and text messages, as well as social … Continue reading “Digital Bullying”

First Arlen Specter and the Patriots, Now This

This week’s indicted “ham sandwich:” Woman indicted in fatal MySpace hoax on girl (pdf) A 49-year-old Missouri mother accused of using a fake MySpace persona to “torment, harass, humiliate and embarrass” a 13-year-old girl who hanged herself was indicted on Thursday on federal charges. See earlier posts: this, this, and this and more The LATimes … Continue reading “First Arlen Specter and the Patriots, Now This”