Updated: France On A DRM Rampage Blowback!!

Download Piaf, Go to Jail Internet downloaders could face jail sentences and software makers may be required to add anti-copying technology to products distributed in France under draft legislation that’s expected to go to a vote this week. The so-called emergency legislation would require software makers to include digital-rights management, or DRM, software in their … Continue reading “Updated: France On A DRM Rampage Blowback!!”

US Culture and the World

An Essay: A Common Culture (From the U.S.A.) Binds Europeans Ever Closer Since World War II, however, has come the massification of culture. In response Europeans have tried to reinforce national and regional identities, to hold onto their languages, foods and folkloric traditions. But given the option of American-style entertainment, they show little interest in … Continue reading “US Culture and the World”

2003 June 16

(entry last updated: 2003-06-16 18:26:19) A notice to my occasional readers: the MSL’s offices are being relocated Wednesday afternoon of this week. This means that, for a period of time starting Wednesday into Thursday, Furdlog (and, in fact, all of msl1.mit.edu) will be inaccessible – partly because the machine will be down and partly because … Continue reading “2003 June 16”

2003 June 5

(entry last updated: 2003-06-05 16:10:06) An important distinction picked up by Prof. Lessig: Dasta [sic] decided — incorrectly The confusion is the failure to distinguish “copyrights” from “authors rights.” As Ray Patterson argued over 30 years ago in “Copyright in Historical Perspective,” the framers understood “copy-rights” to be distinct from “auhors rights.” Authors rights protect … Continue reading “2003 June 5”