Grey Album Goes Black on Black

Black on Black [Via BoingBoing] Announcing the release of Black On Black, a full-length reinterpretation of Jay-Z’s Black Album, as seen through the lense of Metallica’s Black Album. Created by DJ Halfred, repping zone 6 of the ATL. Contact me at, especially if you can host mp3 versions. Available on your favorite P2P network. … Continue reading “Grey Album Goes Black on Black”

Grey Album and the Underground

Consumed: The Grey Album Ever since Napster came along, digital distribution of music has been seen as both threatening (to the music industry) and promising (to those who believe the music industry stifles creativity). Proof of this promise part could take the form of a music-world parallel to ”The Blair Witch Project”: an apparently Web-driven … Continue reading “Grey Album and the Underground”

Grey Album Goes Down

While the Grey Album was a big hit with fans of DangerMouse, it apparently hasn’t been so pleasing to EMI executives: Ananova: EMI blocks ‘Grey Album’ TeenMusic: Jay-z’s Grey Album Blocked By Emi Boston Globe: EMI puts it in black and white: No `Grey Album’ When DJ Danger Mouse began garnering attention for “The Grey … Continue reading “Grey Album Goes Down”

DJ DangerMouse on Grey Tuesday

From Billboard: Danger Mouse Speaks Out On ‘Grey Album’ While Burton understands that such a recording is “scary” for labels, he says this type of thing can’t be stopped. “Stealing music is wrong. [Illegal] downloading is wrong,” he explains. “But people protested about this record because it was not made commercially available.” When asked by … Continue reading “DJ DangerMouse on Grey Tuesday”

Mary on Getting C&Ded Over Grey Tuesday

C&D’d on The Grey Album But I want to point out demand #2: 2. identify the names and addresses of any third parties who have supplied you with physical or digital copies of The Grey Album or who are otherwise involved in The Grey Album’s unauthorized distribution, reproduction, public performance, or other exploitation; Well, that … Continue reading “Mary on Getting C&Ded Over Grey Tuesday”

NYTimes on Grey Tuesday

Imagine that you’re only a NYTimes headline skimmer and note the peculiar way in which all forms of copyright infringement are being associated with "downloaders" in this particular headline, even though the infringement at the heart of this issue is NOT P2P: Defiant Downloads Rise From Underground The protesters billed the event as “Grey Tuesday,” … Continue reading “NYTimes on Grey Tuesday”

Wired News on Today’s Grey Tuesday Protest

In re today’s Grey Tuesday protest, during which those opposed to EMI’s efforts to stop dissemination of Danger Mouse’s Grey Album will make the album available on their WWW sites (earlier entry — Grey Album Protest Planned): Grey Album Fans Protest Clampdown Danger Mouse caused a sensation when he released the album last month. But … Continue reading “Wired News on Today’s Grey Tuesday Protest”

Irony? Or Validation?

Pho is also pointing out that Entertainment Weekly’s Best of 2004 – Music list puts The Grey Album at #1. Later: Grey Album Named Best of 200