Microsoft FAT patent

This should be interesting: Patent Office asked to review Microsoft FAT patent (press release) According to the Public Patent Foundation‘s request, “the ‘517 patent is causing immeasurable injury to the public by serving as a tool to enlarge Microsoft’s monopoly while also preventing competition from Free Software.” “Microsoft is using its control over the interchange … Continue reading “Microsoft FAT patent”

MS FAT Patent Claims Rejected

Microsoft’s FAT Patent Rejected by Patent Office, At PubPat’s Request [via Slashdot] (see earlier coverage here) At PUBPAT’s Request, Patent Office Rejects Microsoft’s FAT Patent: All Claims of Reynolds ‘517 Patent Ruled Invalid NEW YORK — In the reexamination proceeding initiated earlier this year by the Public Patent Foundation (“PUBPAT”), the United States Patent and … Continue reading “MS FAT Patent Claims Rejected”

A Re-Examination of the FAT Patents?

Probably not what Microsoft had in mind when they offered to license some of their technology — but is this just wishful thinking on Andrew Orlowski’s part?: Microsoft FAT patents ‘could be re-opened’ If Microsoft decides to mine its patent portfolio for cash, it’s likely to face a few unexpected consequences. A new patent body … Continue reading “A Re-Examination of the FAT Patents?”

All Your FAT Are Belong To Us (sorry)

Slashdot — Microsoft to Charge for FAT File System — with lots of notes that the patents claimed are only about long filenames in FAT/FAT32 The Register — MS tightens IP grip on Cleartype and FAT- calls it liberalisation CNEt has a different spin — Microsoft opens technology to more licensing

2003 August 12 AM

(entry last updated: 2003-08-12 14:07:19) GrokLaw approvingly cites this opinion piece, from a WSJ editor, on the SCO game plan: SCO not exactly the lovable little guy Salon writes about a coalition against a media consolidation threat: Keeping the Net neutral The issue of cable’s influence over the Internet is set to become a hot … Continue reading “2003 August 12 AM”

2003 June 9

(entry last updated: 2003-06-09 14:46:35) It’s MIT graduation today, so I’m about done; my wife gets to go to the Jupiter Weblogs Conference, but I can’t. Maybe I’ll make the Tuesday night dinner, though. David Card misses a key difference between browsers and media players in his latest weblog posting: Media Players & Browsers Hooey. … Continue reading “2003 June 9”