Score One For Eolas

For the moment, anyway: Microsoft Settles a Dispute Over a Feature in Its Browser Microsoft said Thursday that it had settled an eight-year patent dispute that resulted in a $521 million jury verdict against it. Terms of the accord were not disclosed. The dispute centered on a feature within Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Web browser that … Continue reading “Score One For Eolas”

Eolas Appeal

Been busy all afternoon – the carefully worded CNet headline: Appeals court revisits Eolas decision The decision: Eolas Technologies, Inc., et al. v. Microsoft Corp. (more reading) A quick skim suggests that there’s some interesting content here about what constitutes public release (a WWW posting is sufficient according to the decision) and what constitutes a … Continue reading “Eolas Appeal”

Eolas Appeal Scheduled for Thursday

From Infoworld: Court to hear Microsoft appeal to $521M Eolas ruling In the case, Eolas Technologies and the University of California accused Microsoft of improperly including technology in the IE Web browser that allows interactive content to be embedded in a Web site, a common practice on the Internet. Eolas sued Microsoft in 1999; the university … Continue reading “Eolas Appeal Scheduled for Thursday”

Microsoft v. Eolas Action

Microsoft appeals Eolas decision Microsoft filed a blistering brief asking the U.S. Court of Appeals to overturn a $565 million patent infringement judgment. NYTimes: Microsoft Files an Appeal in European Antitrust Case

Eolas’ Patent Discussion

A Slashdot story (Parties Behind Eolas Patent Reexam Revealed) points to Butting Heads Over the ‘906 Rebuttal, citing the Eolas reply materials to the current patent investigation: The basic premise of Eolas’ written response is that browser developers working in 1993 and 1994 did not consider embedding interactive applications in the browser window and that … Continue reading “Eolas’ Patent Discussion”

Eolas Update

Eolas strikes back; Microsoft prepares appeal UC and Eolas filed a response to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office 11 weeks after a USPTO examiner issued preliminary findings in a re-examination of the Eolas browser patent. Attorneys for the university and Eolas on Tuesday filed the 10-page response and two declarations in order to rebut … Continue reading “Eolas Update”

Eolas Patent – Decisions Still Pending

The Eolas-Microsoft case–patent ending? The next round in Microsoft’s Web browser patent fight will unfold in an obscure bureaucratic proceeding that offers the company and its allies few, if any, chances to argue their side. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) last month issued a preliminary finding that appeared to tip the closely … Continue reading “Eolas Patent – Decisions Still Pending”

Eolas Patent Rejected ?!?

Feds reject Eolas browser patent The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has invalidated a claim to Web browser technology central to a case against Microsoft, a move that could spare the software giant from paying more than half a billion dollars in damages, according to documents obtained on Friday. The patent agency’s preliminary decision, if … Continue reading “Eolas Patent Rejected ?!?”

The W3C Supports MS in the Eolas Suit

Hmmm — missed this news yesterday – Web Group Backs Microsoft in Patent Suit [pdf] A leading Internet standards-setting organization took the unusual step yesterday of urging the director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office to invalidate a software patent that the group says threatens the development of the World Wide Web. […] … Continue reading “The W3C Supports MS in the Eolas Suit”