Doonesbury Series on Music Biz

We’ll see how it evolves, but today’s is pretty good. Doonesbury@Slate. The punchline: Mark Slackmeyer: Um … How different [a music label]? Johnny Thudpucker: Very. Burger King Records is breaking all the rules.

In Case You Missed Sunday’s Doonesbury….

Doonesbury – 2005 May 01 (local copy) Zonker: Well, here’s a provocative question about file sharing, Mike. Dear Guys: How do you keep unscrupulous publications from pirating your strip? Concerned, Ross from Providence. Mike: Good question, Ross from Providence! Piracy is always a problem in the comics world, so we never ship files to clients … Continue reading “In Case You Missed Sunday’s Doonesbury….”

Today’s Doonesbury

So, has Gary Trudeau changed his mind for good? Read today’s strip and guess which side of the copyright debate he’s on: Sunday, October 12, 2003 strip

An (Online) Life

A look into the way things work today: Someone to Watch Over Me (on a Google Map) Don’t know you but think I may want you to be part of my network? I’ll contact you through or Nerve. Just met? I’ll look you up on MySpace. Known each other for a while, but haven’t … Continue reading “An (Online) Life”

A Plea For Moral Rights

The BBC’s Bill Thompson is always good for a different take on things. Here, he suggests that an increasingly backwatered legal doctrine ought to get more attention: The copyright ‘copyfight’ is on However the question of reusing work does uncover a fundamental divide in this debate, one which I think may be irreconcilable. It concerns … Continue reading “A Plea For Moral Rights”

2003 February 1

(entry last updated: 2003-02-01 13:35:45) Press briefing taking place now. A 3:00 PM briefing where questions will be taken was announced. (Spaceflight Now continues to update) Very large JPG (poster) for STS-107 with images of astronauts. According to NPR, NASA has lowered their flags to half-staff, indicating that they believe the Columbia astronauts are lost. … Continue reading “2003 February 1”

2003 January 31

(entry last updated: 2003-01-31 09:49:18) Probably best to start with the comics round-up: Today’s Doonesbury is definitely following the direction that I thought he might when he started this variation on a past series. Tragically, even though a newer Ruben Bolling cartoon is out at Salon, the color version of the Superman and the public … Continue reading “2003 January 31”

2003 January 29

(entry last updated: 2003-01-29 15:13:16) A British Internet cafe that has been found liable for copyright infringement by its clients is vowing to appeal. Billboard describes Russ Feingold’s introduction of S.2691 – Competition in Radio and Concert Industries Act: A bill to amend the Communications Act of 1934 to facilitate an increase in programming and … Continue reading “2003 January 29”

2003 January 28

(entry last updated: 2003-01-28 17:02:45) Slashdot has a couple of tales to consider this afternoon: iTunes/iCommune is back, in a strangely interesting form; (i.e., GPLed) SBC’s “frames” patent is discussed Australia’s dance with the DMCA is considered And Declan’s article on the NET Act’s implications for P2P participants gets interesting Donna points us to a … Continue reading “2003 January 28”

2003 January 27

(entry last updated: 2003-01-27 19:20:32) A throughly entertaining entry at Copyfight today – more on several of the items listed here. Declan McCullagh has a shout-out to all you unindicted Federal felons out there – you know, the ones sharing files on the internet – thanks to the No Electronic Theft Act. Salon has posted … Continue reading “2003 January 27”