Worse, We Have James DeLong’s Testimony

This one (in PDF form only) can really get you going, though: James DeLong’s Testimony. The same logic applies to intellectual creations. The argument that these are somehow different and thus should be subject to different rules rests upon misinterpretations of economic principles concerning marginal cost pricing and upon such economic concepts as non-rivalry and … Continue reading “Worse, We Have James DeLong’s Testimony”

Missed This

Well, not exactly. I mean, a little James DeLong goes a long way — what I really mean is I missed Donna’s take on his TCS (of course!) article: Bait and Tackle. Of course, DeLong does point me to yet another resource in my own backyard with which I was not familiar: Free/Open Source Research … Continue reading “Missed This”

2003 March 7

(entry last updated: 2003-03-07 18:35:25) News.com writes up the DMCA “takedown” of NeoWin. Slashdot reports that Zoe Lofgren introduced The Balance Act: My bill, H.R. 1066, the Balance Act, seeks to restore it. Without utilizing government mandates or other prescriptive measures that will ultimately only stifle innovation, it gives lawful consumers the tools to enjoy … Continue reading “2003 March 7”

2003 March 6

(entry last updated: 2003-03-06 17:46:21) I’m closing out the day with this piece from New York Metro, called Stop, Thief!, on the ironies of the actions of media industries in the era of declining value for content. They just didn’t understand how the whole media view came together, how synergy happened. In the empire’s view, … Continue reading “2003 March 6”