No Safe Harbor In Belgium/EU, Apparently

Filesharing ruling against ISP hailed as precedent — pdf Belgian music copyright group SABAM, which brought the case, said on Friday it would consider taking other ISPs to court after its victory in the three-year-long case against Belgian ISP Scarlet, formerly part of Tiscali. […] The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, which represents hundreds … Continue reading “No Safe Harbor In Belgium/EU, Apparently”

Google and Belgian Newspapers

Win the battle, lose the war? Google Said to Violate Copyright Laws A Brussels court ruled Tuesday that Google had violated copyright laws by publishing links to articles from Belgian newspapers without permission. Legal experts said the case could have broad implications in Europe for the news indexes provided by search engines. […] “As the … Continue reading “Google and Belgian Newspapers”

Google Settles With Belgian Papers

Google Reaches Copyright Deal With Belgians “We reached an agreement with Sofam and Scam that will help us make extensive use of their content,” Jessica Powell, a spokeswoman for Google, said in a phone interview yesterday. She declined to give details of the agreement or say whether it involved paying the groups for the content, … Continue reading “Google Settles With Belgian Papers”

Belgian Objection To Google News (revised)

Although the news article seems to think this is a link/copyright fight, my high school french suggests that Google’s move into Google News is being tested here. (And, as it turns out, a helpful english version of the decision is also available <G>) Belgian Court Tells Google to Drop Newspaper Excerpts A court ordered Google … Continue reading “Belgian Objection To Google News (revised)”

Searching for the Model

European Papers Find Creative Ways to Thrive (pdf) In much of the world, American newspapers are seen as journalism’s gold standard. But the American newspaper’s business model appears to be broken. While much of Europe faces many of the same problems, a few newspaper publishers have found innovative ways not only to survive, but thrive … Continue reading “Searching for the Model”

The Rise of the “Copyleft”

Steal This Hook? Girl Talk Flouts Copyright Law Girl Talk, whose real name is Gregg Gillis, makes danceable musical collages out of short clips from other people’s songs; there are more than 300 samples on “Feed the Animals,” the album he released online at in June. He doesn’t get the permission of the composers … Continue reading “The Rise of the “Copyleft””

“Competition? We Don’t Need No Steenking Competition!”

Or maybe we do — Competition Fuels Broadband Use in Europe Fierce competition from new providers has pushed the level of broadband subscriptions in eight European countries above the levels in the United States and Japan, according to figures to be released Wednesday. […] “We have four countries that are world leaders — Sweden, Denmark, … Continue reading ““Competition? We Don’t Need No Steenking Competition!””

Updating “A Rape In Cyberspace”

Julian Dibbell’s article gets an updated context, and a set of policy questions: Does Virtual Reality Need a Sheriff? — pdf Earlier this year, one animated character in Second Life, a popular online fantasy world, allegedly raped another character. Some Internet bloggers dismissed the simulated attack as nothing more than digital fiction. But police in … Continue reading “Updating “A Rape In Cyberspace””

A Judicial First

Author Protests ‘Cyber-Stalker’ — pdf There’s no mystery about it. Patricia Cornwell knows whodunit, and she wants him to stop. The best-selling crime author has filed a federal lawsuit against a lesser-known Virginia author, asking the court to force him to stop writing “defamatory and contemptuous” material about her on the Internet, including calling her … Continue reading “A Judicial First”