2003 March 27

(entry last updated: 2003-03-28 12:25:08) It’s buried below, but I want to make sure that you go read Donna’s notes from Nesson & Falcao on the Internet & Democracy from ILaw Rio. FWIW, I think Charlie speaks for me, too! Then there’s Mary Hodder’s notes on Cory Doctorow’s talk about Open Spectrum. Madonna blasts manufactured … Continue reading “2003 March 27”

2002 December 19

(entry last updated: 2002-12-19 18:15:28) EMI Australia announces (Official site statement and FAQ) that all the CDs they release next year will be copy protected. The “mark of the beast” Donna’s got a good list of DMCA commentaries, plus background for those who aren’t sure what precipitated their generation. BoingBoing has posted Ken Hertz’s ACLU … Continue reading “2002 December 19”

2002 October 14 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-10-14 18:27:24) Declan follows up on the User Friendly cartoon. And Judge Jackson resurfaces. The industry is looking to kill off the CD (wonder why?). I read about the IFPI report in Europe; now I have the link. And the New York Times suggests that Slashdot may be doing something right A … Continue reading “2002 October 14 Links”

2002 August 19 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-08-19 17:00:44) I’ve been fuming all weekend since reading about the new tactic being tried by the record companies – forcing ISPs to block sites that offend the RIAA. I’m sure that there are lots of articles, but I needed to get Amy Harmon’s article from Saturday up ASAP. Illiad at UserFriendly, … Continue reading “2002 August 19 Links”

2002 July 22 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-07-22 16:42:32) Nice little brouhaha forming around a recent Edison Research study into downloading and CD purchases. Wired.com talks about Brazil’s Re:combo. The New York Times writes about Real throwing down a technological gauntlet. And, in an article that should warm Charlie Nesson’s heart, the Times points out that maybe commerce isn’t … Continue reading “2002 July 22 Links”

2002 July 3 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-07-03 16:06:36) Hi, everyone from ILaw! – Charlie Nesson is pointing you here – although feel free to look around! Typically, the arrival of a big, ugly barge in the Charles River tells those of us at the Kendall Square end of the MIT campus that there’s a big fireworks program in … Continue reading “2002 July 3 Links”

2002 July 2 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-07-02 19:03:28) This is going to be short – Back to ILAW in a couple of minutes. To see what happened yesterday, see Dan Gillmor’s notes and Donna Wentworth’s blog. With luck, I’ll get to post some myself today (as well as list more about the links added this morning!) Today’s session … Continue reading “2002 July 2 Links”