A couple of eWeek pieces

DRM: Restrictions May Apply As Peter Coffee points out in his Labs’-Eye View, DRM technologies are often loved by content creators, who are happy to protect their content, and hated by end users, who don’t want their fair-use rights abridged. […] However, companies also need to make sure they restrict DRM to where it is … Continue reading “A couple of eWeek pieces”

2003 Spetember 4 AM

(entry last updated: 2003-09-04 08:02:22) (Announcement: FWIW, I’m getting within striking distance of moving FurdLog over to WordPress – for those interested, the dummied up site is here. I will be keeping this version of the site running, with appropriate nod_rewrite directives, for the forseeable future to preserve links, although I expect eventually to be … Continue reading “2003 Spetember 4 AM”

2003 August 29

(entry last updated: 2003-08-29 13:31:26) Yet another "revolutionary" music CD delivery format: Sony Disc Manufacturing Successfully Manufacture Kool Keith’s Newest Release “Thee Undatakerz” Using Consumer Surround Sound Inc. Revolutionary CS2CD Format When asked about the accompanying CS2ADC technology on the CS2CD, Mr. [William] Grecia [Consumer Surround Sound CEO] continued to add “CS2ADC prevent full 1:1 … Continue reading “2003 August 29”

2003 August 28 AM

(entry last updated: 2003-08-28 13:26:19) Looks like the W3C has issued a comment on Eolas v. Microsoft. See the Slashdot discussion: Plugin Patent to Mean Changes in IE? More in an occasional series of postings here on how technology is changing the market and culture of movie-making: DVDs are for losers New rule: DVDs are … Continue reading “2003 August 28 AM”

2003 August 16 Am

(entry last updated: 2003-08-16 10:42:34) Got some work to do – *sigh*. Anyway, I just ran the CNet Bandwidth Meter test here and *something’s* not right – I come in at 49 kps – between a 56k modem and a 33.6k modem; I will have to start up the home network tonight and see how … Continue reading “2003 August 16 Am”