Today’s User Friendly

Covers several fronts at once: UserFriendly Faceless Voice #1: Listen Bill, we can’s acquire Google with money alone. We need to make Google think that the public wants a merger. Faceless Voice #2: But the public doesn’t want a merger, Faceless Voice #1: Nonetheless, we need to run a poll and show Google that the … Continue reading “Today’s User Friendly”

Why War? Post on kuro5hin

A chance to hear from the site operators: Diebold Met with ‘Electronic Civil Disobedience’ Diebold’s use of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) in order to suppress information critical to the public welfare is abhorrent. As Bev Harris so succinctly puts it: I don’t believe you can protect intent to break the law by slapping … Continue reading “Why War? Post on kuro5hin”

Swarthmore Crackdown

Students at the Why War? site at Swarthmore College have been pursuing an active effort to publicize and promulgate the contents of several leaked Diebold Systems memos to pressure the firm to address the multiple issues raised about e-voting that these memos reveal. Diebold has been responding with notice and takedown notices on a site-by-site … Continue reading “Swarthmore Crackdown”

Another DMCA Claim — Voting Technologies

Within the emerging set of issues around electronic voting. Siva has posted a number of stories/links to the dispute between Diebold and Abusive Copyright Overenforcement Once Again Censors … This Time Over Electronic Ballots More on Diebold vs. Blackboxvoting: DMCA Abuse!!!!!! Slashdot’s several articles April 20, 2003 – Interview with Voting Machine Company Reps … Continue reading “Another DMCA Claim — Voting Technologies”