Targeted, Viral Marketing

Continuing to push the envelope cited in Turow’s Niche Envy: Online, P.& G. Gets a Little Crazy Marketers are eager to experiment with those new methods because it is increasingly difficult to get the attention of busy, jaded consumers with conventional television commercials and print advertisements. Also, nontraditional campaigns can use technology that enables them … Continue reading “Targeted, Viral Marketing”

80-20 Rules in Telecom

Joseph Turow refers to the 80-20 rule in retail (20% of the customers account for 80% of the revenue); here’s an example that points out why the market is not always the best instrument for allocating resources, particularly when those resources are a little more important than the latest DVD releases: Rural Areas Left in … Continue reading “80-20 Rules in Telecom”

Democracy? Really?

I finished Niche Envy last night — and I think that Joseph Turow would definitely disagree with this article’s lede: Help for the Merchant in Navigating a Sea of Shopper Opinions DEMOCRACY is coming to online shopping. Scores of Internet merchants have recently begun following Amazon’s lead by posting customer reviews — both flattering and … Continue reading “Democracy? Really?”

Networks and Culture

Disintermediating the “industry:” The New Tastemakers All told, music consumers are increasingly turning away from the traditional gatekeepers and looking instead to one another — to fellow fans, even those they’ve never met — to guide their choices. Before long, wireless Internet connections will let them chatter not only on desktops, but in cars and … Continue reading “Networks and Culture”

The Realities of eTailing

Study: Shoppers Naive About ‘Customized’ Retail Pricing Online Most American consumers don’t realize Internet merchants and even traditional retailers sometimes charge different prices to different customers for the same products, according to a new survey. The study, “Open to Exploitation,” found nearly two-thirds of adult Internet users believed incorrectly it was illegal to charge different … Continue reading “The Realities of eTailing”

Drawing the Line Between Knowledge & Expression

Permissions on Digital Media Drive Scholars to Lawbooks When some 20,000 first-year American medical students reported to their schools last summer, they received a free 20-minute multimedia collage of music, text and short video clips from television doctor dramas, past and present, burned onto a CD-ROM. “The patients you meet in the coming years may … Continue reading “Drawing the Line Between Knowledge & Expression”