Just Thinking …

Today’s Boston Globe put me in a mood to look back over the last couple of weeks, specifically at the Tenenbaum copyright infringment lawsuit that the record companies won. There are two items in today’s paper — first, this submitted op-ed (sorry about the length of the excerpt, but it’s too well written to just … Continue reading “Just Thinking …”

I Wasn’t There …

But this sounds more confusing than enlightening — but, sometimes, that’s Charlie’s way: Opening statements made in civil suit over swapping songs (pdf) Charles Nesson, the Harvard Law School professor defending a college student accused of illegally downloading and sharing music online, used an unusual prop in his opening statement yesterday to illustrate why a … Continue reading “I Wasn’t There …”

Love It

Another example of the merits of Charlie Nesson’s view on how to some of these problems will get resolved: Which Videos Are Protected? Lawmakers Get a Lesson – New York Times As the new Congress experiments with the wide world of blogging and video clips, members are learning the complexities of copyright law, much the … Continue reading “Love It”

Drinking the Kool-Ade?

An echo of some past revelations from ILAW 2002 – Nesson’s session: Converting Users Into Creators Yahoo Inc. is buying a year-old photo-sharing site, Flickr, as part of the Web giant’s attempts to open itself up to more user participation, Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang said yesterday. […] In announcing the acquisition at a gathering of … Continue reading “Drinking the Kool-Ade?”

James Boyle: The Value of “Free” Information

Public information wants to be free [via Copyfight] Take weather data. The United States makes complete weather data available to anyone at the cost of reproduction. If the superb government websites and data feeds aren’t enough, for the price of a box of blank DVD’s you can have the entire history of weather records across … Continue reading “James Boyle: The Value of “Free” Information”

When An RIAA P2P Case Goes To Court

Several have pointed to this: Inside the Courtroom – Berkman Briefings Yesterday’s hearing offered a view into what might happen if these cases did not end in settlement negotiations and instead proceeded to trial. Inside the courtroom, the attorneys for the recording industry outnumbered defendants by a two-to-one margin, and the disparity of resources and … Continue reading “When An RIAA P2P Case Goes To Court”

ILaw 2004 Summary — So far — will be updated!!

Internet Law Program Homepage Thursday, May 13 General Notes: Weblogg-ed, John Palfrey, CultureCat on Food For Thought, Copyfight on Food for Thought & ILaw, Jay McCarthy’s makeoutcity, John Palfrey, Scripting News, Infothought Pornography – An Application of “Law, Norms, Market, Architecture” — Professor Lawrence Lessig and Professor Jonathan Zittrain (FurdLog, CopyFight, Radio Jim Physical Layer: … Continue reading “ILaw 2004 Summary — So far — will be updated!!”

RIAA Site Down

Apparently MyDoom is to blame: RIAA site disabled for five days. Although this really isn’t solving anything, this is certainly an object lesson in Charlie Nesson’s perception that connectivity carries with it the incentive to "play nice with others." As the Recording Industry Association of America continues its push to shut down digital pirates, the … Continue reading “RIAA Site Down”