Regional Market Control In Digital Distribution

How poorly it works, except as a mechanism for “control via obscurity” — which this article works to subvert. For example, did you know there are places where songs are available on iTunes at variable prices (i.e., different prices for different songs)? I didn’t. The insanely great songs Apple won’t let you hear The iTunes … Continue reading “Regional Market Control In Digital Distribution”

AllofMP3 Update

On a Russian Site, Cheap Songs With a Backbeat of Illegality Operating through what music industry lobbyists say is a loophole in Russia’s copyright law, offers a vast catalog of music that includes artists not normally authorized for sale online — like the Beatles and Metallica — at a fraction of the cost of … Continue reading “AllofMP3 Update”

Slate’s AllofMP3 Profile

Barely Legal It’s the dilemma of downloading: The guy in the next cubicle is using office bandwidth to download the new J.Lo album using Grokster. But then your mother sends you newspaper clippings of all of those nice-looking people getting arrested for file sharing. You want to have the records without having a record. So, … Continue reading “Slate’s AllofMP3 Profile”

Report: AllofMP3 Dodges A Bullet (for the moment)

From Slashdot: Wins Court Case (CNet background) Some more details from Alex Moskalyuk’s escapes criminal lawsuit, for now What’s interesting is that did not win the case due to the compulsory licensing legislated in Russia. The prosecutor’s office affirmed that the Russian music site was distributing copyrighted music from its site, and … Continue reading “Report: AllofMP3 Dodges A Bullet (for the moment)”

AllofMP3 in the Crosshairs

Jurisdiction and copyright: MP3s for pennies? Russian cops say no The Russian site claimed it had licenses to do so from a local clearing house, but record labels have maintained that the licenses weren’t valid. After long-standing complaints, the Moscow City Police Computer Crimes division completed an investigation earlier this month and recommended that prosecutors … Continue reading “AllofMP3 in the Crosshairs”

Own or Rent? The Shaping of a Music eTailing Battle

Rivals Hope to Sink IPod With Rented Music [pdf] (also, Founder of to Launch Music Service [pdf]) Is music something you own or something you rent? How music fans answer that question in coming months will help determine the viability of a new slate of online music services that offer to fill portable music … Continue reading “Own or Rent? The Shaping of a Music eTailing Battle”

Yale Caves? Hmmmm

Yikes! Cflix Teams With Musicnet To Power Music Service For Yale University Cflix and MusicNet announced today a partnership that will dramatically improve the choices that college students have to access digital music. Cflix, a video on demand provider for universities, will launch a new offering, called Ctrax, to offer an economical, legal music alternative … Continue reading “Yale Caves? Hmmmm”