Engineering Around A Patent

What, that’s not what Eolas wanted?  Interesting what market power affords a software developer, isn’t it?  Eolas: Changing IE User Experience a Shame Reacting to news that the next cumulative IE security update will require an extra mouse-click to interact with certain embedded multimedia content, Eolas Chief Operating Officer Mark Swords called on the software … Continue reading “Engineering Around A Patent”

Hmmm — Are Some Pigs Are More Equal Than Others?

Or should I hope this means the beginnning of a more careful rethinking: Microsoft Says U.S. Govt May Cancel Eolas Patent Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq:MSFT – news) said on Thursday that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office may come to its rescue and cancel a patent that could force the world’s biggest software company to rejig … Continue reading “Hmmm — Are Some Pigs Are More Equal Than Others?”

Nothing Like Getting Busy For A Couple Of Days

… To fall behind on developments. A couple of notable ones from the news: News on the Eolas front: Eolas Browser Verdict Against Microsoft Stands Despite Patent Review Illegal music downloads increased in October (see also Illegal Music Downloading Climbs) The number of people downloading music illegally surged a month after recording companies began suing … Continue reading “Nothing Like Getting Busy For A Couple Of Days”

Patent Politics

A lengthy look at the Eolas patent issue from CNet News: Patent Politics To some competitors and partners who have long been chafed by Microsoft’s dominance, the verdict in the patent infringement lawsuit by one-man software company Eolas may initially have seemed an overdue victory–and one that achieved what the U.S. Department of Justice and … Continue reading “Patent Politics”

Acacia Research and its streaming patent

CNet reports that Acacia Research managed to exact licensing fees from a network of online porn sites over the weekend. They draw some dire conclusions for other providers of streamed content: Patent holder unplugs porn network A holding company that has a stack of streaming media patents briefly shut down a network of pornography Web … Continue reading “Acacia Research and its streaming patent”