Why We Haven’t Heard the Last of Lexmark v. Static Control

It’s like printing money [pdf]

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As consumers and businesses spit out computer-generated letters, reports, and photographs, the US market for ink cartridges is soaring into the tens of billions of dollars. Ink cartridge shipments are projected to exceed $34 billion this year — more than double the value of printer shipments — and then grow by about $1 billion a year through at least 2007, according to IDC, the Framingham research firm.

Needless to say, this big and growing market is sparking a rush for this liquid gold. Original manufacturers, like industry leader Hewlett-Packard Co. of Palo Alto, Calif., are investing hundreds of millions of dollars into building a better ink cartridge while a growing legion of remanufacturers, resellers, and refillers are devising methods they hope will produce cartridges of similar quality, but at lower costs.

Groklaw has a couple of posts, mostly just HTML versions of the opinion, but there are a few nuggets in there: Lexmark and the DMCA and Lexmark Concurring and Concurring/Dissenting Opinions