Sorry – Little Slow This Weekend

(entry last updated: 2002-06-30 21:25:12)

Hi, everyone. This weekend has been a brutal demonstration of what happens when you live in the same place for more than a decade, and decide you’d better clean out the basement before showing your house.

100 cubic yards of trash later (and untold Advils), I can tell you that the pain of throwing something away is NOTHING compared with the pain of doing 15 years of it in two days.

This means that I have done little to update my links, or add commmentary, since Friday. Check out Copyfight, though – Donna’s got some good stuff up there about Rep. Berman; and I’ll get to meet her tomorrow at the start of the Berkman Center’s Internet Law Program. With luck I’ll get to blog some this week, but there’s going to be some real competition. In addition to Donna, I hear that Dan Gillmor and Steven Levy will be there, as well as some others. Should be a GREAT week! I even turned in my first Rotisserie assignment tonight, although I get to edit it through the day tomorrow.