2002 June 27 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-06-27 14:32:29)

Looks like Palladium is going to be the topic for some time. A couple of good background links from Slashdot. Otherwise, a little slow this morning…

(I have to start planning for the unhappy possibility being cited online that Salon is on its last legs. Their music industry and IP coverage has been particularly good, IMHO, and I have a lot of their links indexed….)

Update: Matt Loney puts in his two cents on Palladium. And Dave Marsh talks about webcasting royalties at CounterPunch

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  • The Palladium fallout and exploration continues. A couple of good resources from Slashdot here (not much discussion (update: well, I guess I just spoke too soon <G>); the earlier Slashdot effort must have worn them out):

  • ZDNet and CNet report on the RIAA attack on company in-house MP3 trading (the ZDNet link includes reader comments)
  • CNet also has something about a different kind of software copy-protection scheme.
  • And, since it is a slow day, maybe you’d like to read two opinion pieces: one on technology and music, the other on technology and TV. I personally find the music one far more compelling, but that’s probably because I’ve noticed that I’ve become less and less of a TV person over time. My cable bill is just wasted money as far as I am concerned. Although there are a couple of broadcast TV shows that I do watch (and, no, I won’t embarass myself by demonstrating how shallow I can be by listing them here!), I cannot imagine anything more worthless than keeping copies of any show.
  • Matt Loney doesn’t like Palladium much – and gives some good reasons to worry.
  • The Register points to a company that has decided to halt their plans for an X-box mod chip, following legal consultations. Slashdot discusses, with links to other modders.

  • Dave Marsh argues that webcasters will go back to being pirate microcasters; the archives at CounterPunch (at the bottom of his article) also have a couple of strong statements.