Playlouder MSP

There’s the stodgy press release at MI2N (Playlouder & Bulldog Join Forces To Launch The World’s First Royalty Paying ISP), but I like the announcement on the PlayLouder site

As you know only too well, we here are PlayLouder get excited about new things – and so it is with a happy heart that we announce a world first! That’s right, PlayLouder is bringing yours truly the first ever Music Service Provider! Raaaaaaahhhhh!

Which basically means you will now be able to share and download music with your mates and virtual chums all over the UK without worrying about Mr Big beating you with a truncheon, nicking all your cash and throwing your miserable ass in chokey. Because PlayLouder is the first Internet Service Provider to pay Royalties to Record companies.

For a monthly subscription we will bring you a broadband internet connection with high quality music services, whilst paying royalties to rights owners, songwriters, publishers…allowing subscribers to freely exchange licensed music!

What makes PlayLouder MSP so great, is that for the first time – you dear music lovers – can enjoy unlimited access to thousands of legal music files from artists like the White Stripes, the Pixies, Interpol, Underworld, Stereophonics, Soulwax, Mr. Scruff, Elbow, Coldcut, Badly Drawn Boy, Laurent Garnier, Basement Jaxx, Dizzee Rascal, blah blah blah…with royalties being paid to the record companies for activity that previously was unlicensed and unlawful. Neat eh?