2002 June 24 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-06-24 15:19:57)

Looks like Iliad is revved up about digital music again!

And, if there really is a Pearl Jam Effect (see yesterday’s links), then it’s all over for the industry, I think. If technically competent people are having a selective impact now, as the technology gets more accessible, more people will exploit it. And that means that Palladium may be DOA, since those same technically competent people are unlikely to acquire hardware that limits the uses they have come to expect. (Hmm, it looks like some at The Register agree….) Update: Found an earlier article in the NYT that makes a Cambridge University computer scientist look prescient – or at least thinking ahead.

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  • This may be a week of digital music jokes on User Friendly. Between yesterday’s and today’s, I sense a pattern.

  • The Register starts the dissection of Palladium, following its analysis of the rhetoric (Forno posts elsewhere under the provocative title Preparing for the Digital Dark Age) in the MSNBC/Newsweek article. Update: This article from last week’s New York Times anticipates a lot of the criticisms being made.
  • The New York Times has an article describing the painful learning lessons of digital distribution for an individual artist.

  • Australians are going to get CD copying kiosks. The Slashdot discussion points out that calling this the legitimzing of piracy is a little inaccurate (after all, royalties are going to be paid – sounds more like compulsory licensing, at most – and possibly just charging for fair use, depending upon what is being copied).
  • A creepy story in the New York Times shows that you have to pay attention when you’re in a rock band.

  • A friend points out, as a follow-up to the "Pearl Jam Effect" posting yesterday, a couple of interesting facts about the band and its music: (a) some of their stuff is really hard to encode into MP3 form; (b) the band does somthing akin to the Grateful Dead taping policy with their legal bootlegs; and (c) they are as guilty as any band when it comes to the One-good-song-per-CD syndrome. Thanks, Grom!