Unnerving BS

I actually shouted when I heard this nonsense this morning: Designers Get Fierce With Copyright On The Catwalk [pdf]

I realize that it’s Fashion Week in New York, but this really deserved a more careful look. And the only counter discussion is buried in the story, highlighting instead the shortsightedness of the designer — useful, I am sure, in her field, but a terrible perspective when it comes to policy.

We Have No Recourse Right Now

“When things get copied, its like somebody coming into my head and robbing, stealing,” says Chilean-born and U.K.-raised designer Maria Cornejo.

[…] Intellectual property attorney Alan Behr says the new bill isn’t exactly a cure-all solution. He says it will be tough to prove the new and inventive stipulation the bill carries and that considering both the European experience and Americans’ litigious reaction to new laws, “this may just ultimately benefit the lawyers.”

On top of that, he says the law may also have the unintended consequence of discouraging new designers from entering the business for fear of getting sued.

But that’s one point designer Cornejo doesn’t agree on. She says emerging designers could benefit from the law’s protection because it’s easier for them to stay in business if their designs aren’t being copied.

Riiight — because nothing lasts like fashion. Just think about all the New York butchers who have been clamoring to make copies of the Lady Gaga meat dress. Mmmm, now *that’s* fashion! [See also this somewhat related, meat-focused cartoon from “Scenes from a Multiverse‘]