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Amazon’s Prime Suspect [pdf]

I’m a member of Amazon Prime, and I can’t help congratulating myself. Though I should know better, I persist in believing that Amazon Prime, a program that for an annual fee gets me “free” two-day shipping on purchases from Amazon, is something I’ve been tapped for — like Skull and Bones. […]

So it wasn’t easy to suppress despair the other night when someone casually mentioned that there might be something . . . a little . . . chumpy about Amazon Prime. He wasn’t even talking about the auto-renewal, though it’s true Amazon doesn’t exactly grab you by the lapels to warn you that your card has been charged again, or about Amazon’s new program to draw students in by waiving the Prime membership fee for the first year. He hinted at something more sinister.

There have apparently been allegations that Amazon has dabbled in differential pricing. To spell it out, though it pains me: Amazon has in the past charged certain customers higher prices than others.