Achte-Neunte v. Does Activity

BBC News – Court questions net pirate hunt

It wants the court to throw out thousands of lawsuits against alleged illegal file-sharers, brought by the US Copyright Group.

EFF argues the mass litigations deprive individuals of a fair trial.

The case has implications for other countries pursuing similar cases.

The US Copyright Group, a Washington-based law firm, has filed lawsuits on behalf of seven film-makers, accusing over 14,000 individuals of downloading films illegally, including Oscar-winning movie The Hurt Locker.

[…] EFF and other groups have been concerned about the tactics being employed by some law firms pursuing alleged file-sharers.

The methods used to track down infringers are not fool-proof because they identify the computer that downloaded the material rather than the actual individual.

The EFF’s Achte-Neunte v. Does webpage; their press release — EFF Argues Against Mass Copyright Infringement Lawsuits in Wednesday Hearing