The Trials of Sisyphus

A look at the absolute lack of progress in the thinking about this topic [especially the comments] — everybody wants, nobody thinks: “Hurt Lockers” illegal downloading wars [pdf]

On Monday, “Hurt Locker” producer Nicolas Chartier made good on his promise to file suit against Internet users who downloaded the movie via BitTorrent. The suit, filed in a D.C. federal court, targets 5,000 unnamed users via their IP addresses, which lawyers for Chartier’s Voltage Pictures will attempt to match up with flesh-and-blood individuals — and, of course, their bank accounts.

The practical merits of the lawsuit aside, Chartier’s actions, and particularly his angry rhetoric, have become a flashpoint for arguments over the legal and ethical implications of sharing content over the Internet. […]

From the EFF: EFF Asks Judges to Quash Subpoenas in Movie-Downloading Lawsuits; full set of materials at Achte-Neunte v. Does.

And, of course, we still have things like this happening, too — Rand Paul ordered to stop playing Rush — and what does it mean that the blog post embeds a YouTube video of the playing of the song in question?

A lot of wanting; not a lot of thinking.