2002 June 13 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-06-13 12:16:14)

An interesting article from Salon, following up on a Cato Institute study that should get a lot of people talking (but I somehow missed the first time around), leads off today. And I discover that joelgrus has added me to his IP blogs list – thanks!

(2 items listed below)

  • Salon has an interview with Stan Liebowitz, author of a recent Cato Institute study that concluded that the only reason that Napster’s file sharing didn’t effect the recording industry more was the low penetration of CD burners in the user market and general bandwidth constraints. (More distressing, although perfectly consistent with the Cato Institute world-view, is the report’s conclusion that universal DRM merely is a mechanism for near-perfect price discrimination in IP transactions, thereby allowing IP owners to absorb all the consumer surplus in these transactions and, since the price discrimination is so good, with no effect on market efficiency). In this Salon interview, however, Liebowitz frankly admits that now he’s not sure why the recording industry isn’t being effected by file sharing. An interesting read. (A Slashdot discussion just popped up: The Economics of File Sharing
  • Following up on yesterday’s announcement of pending plans to offer (possibly) unfettered music downloads, LawMeme has put up a discussion with more links that expresses serious doubts about just how easy it will be to make copies. Of course, as Liebowitz insists in the article listed above, fair use isn’t supposed to be free, just possible – so why should anyone complain??!