Well, It All Depends on the Details

Technology Coalition Urges Stronger Online Privacy Laws [pdf]

A broad coalition of technology companies including AT&T, Google and Microsoft, and advocacy groups from across the political spectrum said Tuesday that it would push Congress to strengthen online privacy laws to protect private digital information from government access.

The group, calling itself the Digital Due Process coalition, said it wanted to ensure that as millions of people moved private documents from their filing cabinets and personal computers to the Web, those documents remained protected from easy access by law enforcement and other government authorities.

The coalition, which includes the American Civil Liberties Union, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Center for Democracy and Technology, wants law-enforcement agencies to use a search warrant approved by a judge or a magistrate rather than rely on a simple subpoena from a prosecutor to obtain a citizen’s online data.

It’s ironic to note that, when I click on the WWW page, I get a URL that clearly suggests someone is paying attention to me — the URL in the browser window is — http://digitaldueprocess.org/index.cfm?objectid=37940370-2551-11DF-8E02000C296BA163 — we can ask what the “objectid” denotes at a later point in time….