Selling The Rope

As Lenin supposedly (but unprovably) put it: “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.:”China Requires Censoring Software on New PCs (pdf)

China has issued a sweeping directive requiring all personal computers sold in the country to include sophisticated software that can filter out pornography and other “unhealthy information” from the Internet.

Later: IT firms urge China to reconsider filter (pdf) (also China Criticized Over Computer Filtering Plan – pdf)

“The Information Technology Industry Council, the Software & Information Industry Association, the Telecommunications Industry Association and TechAmerica urge the Chinese government to reconsider implementing its new mandatory filtering software requirement and would welcome the opportunity for a meaningful dialogue,” said a joint statement.

“We believe there should be an open and healthy dialogue on how parental control software can be offered in the market in ways that ensure privacy, system reliability, freedom of expression, the free flow of information, security and user choice,” it said.