Watching for more on Charlie Nesson’s proposal

Donna Wentworth "Nesson discussion circle" has a few contributions:

  • Derek Slater’s – More on Nesson’s Technodefense

  • Donna’s response to Derek – Let the Music Pay V

  • My own addition – Some thoughts on Charlie’s “copyright by DoS” (rereading it this AM suggests that I can easily be accused of fuzzy idealism, but I remain convinced that vigilante behavior carries with it too many destructive consequences to make it worthwhile. Not to mention the widespread investment in a new kind of non-productive capital — we need policies that promote investment in innovation, not in digital weaponry.)

Donna’s e-mail included a few others, including Ernest Miller at LawMeme (who has commented in e-mail followups) (sorry, wrong topic — I’m not getting enough sleep, clearly!), Mary Hodder at bIPlog and Lawrence Solum at Legal Theory Blog. I have a class this AM, so I’ll be checking in there this afternoon.

Update: Ed Felten’s jumped in: “Hacktivism” by Artists