3-D, Movies and Digital Distribution

The magic bullet for the movie theater business? I know I’ve been mightily impressed by the technology (I saw Coraline a few weeks ago in 3D, which I was dreading, but I have been a convert ever since). it may not be the magic bullet, but it is an awfully impressive bit of technology: 3-D Helps Propel Success of No. 1 Film ‘Monsters vs. Aliens’ (pdf)

Consider DreamWorks Animation validated in its chest-thumping about a new golden era for 3-D.

“Monsters vs. Aliens,” positioned by the studio and its distributor, Paramount Pictures, as a make-or-break moment for digital 3-D, sold an estimated $58.2 million in tickets at North American theaters over the weekend, according to Media by Numbers, a box-office tracking firm. It’s the biggest opening so far of the year. But a deeper look at the numbers indicates that 3-D is the story.

See also today’s AMC to Get Sony Digital Projectors (pdf) and the earlier With Theaters Barely Digital, Studios Push 3-D (pdf)