Documenting Canute’s Futile Struggle

Two articles on why one can’t stop the tide:

  • Blockbuster and TiVo Join To Deliver Digital Movies (pdf)

    With its lingering debt problems resolved for now, Blockbuster is pinning some of its hopes on a digital future.

    The struggling video rental chain will announce a partnership with TiVo on Wednesday to deliver Blockbuster’s digital movie library over the Internet directly to the televisions of people with TiVo digital video recorders.

  • German Retailer Expected to Buy Music Download Firm (pdf)

    Metro plans to acquire 24-7 Entertainment, which handles the logistics of music, video and ring tone downloads, including digital rights management, for companies like telecommunication operators and retailers. Metro hopes that the company, which has access to a database of five million songs, will help it expand the offerings of its consumer electronics business.