Now, Geer’s Changing His Tune…

Not about the controversial report, but about his firing: Security Expert Geer Sounds Off on Dismissal [Slashdot discussion: Geer Comments On Firing From @Stake]

Officials at @stake, in Cambridge, Mass., flatly deny any connection between this fact and Geer’s firing and say that no one from Microsoft influenced their decision whatsoever.

But Geer isn’t convinced. The company said Geer’s last day as an employee was Tuesday, but the announcement wasn’t made until Thursday, the day after the paper was published. Geer went on a conference call with reporters Wednesday morning and identified himself as an @stake employee and added that the opinions in the paper were his own and not the company’s.

Best (as in, most characteristic) Slashdot comment:

A true math geek… (Score:2)

by dmayle (200765) on Wednesday October 01, @07:43AM (#7102263)

“The Venn diagram of facts doesn’t intersect. The intersection of all of those statements is the null set,” Geer said.

Ahhh, one of our own… 🙂