You Knew It

But it’s still a shock to see it in print. This used to be what folks said about US environmental policy, too. Fight Over Internet Filtering Has Test Run in Europe (pdf)

As European lawmakers debate how to keep access to the Internet free and equal — so-called network neutrality — they are inundated, not unsurprisingly, by lobbyists.

But the corporate envoys roaming the halls of Brussels trying to make their case, more often than not, do not represent the Continent’s myriad telecommunications and Internet companies, but rather those from the United States. Europe has become the world’s technology regulator. [emphasis added] So the AT&Ts and Verizons are pitted against the Googles and Yahoos to shape European law in the hopes that American regulators will follow suit.

It may not be precisely true, but it does show you what treating problems the same way that ostriches do will get you.