2002 June 5 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-06-05 19:40:25)

A big story on the cover of USA Today on the music industry’s woes. They have a theory on the existence of music piracy. A lot of writing on the subject.

Man! A ton of things turned up on my www searchings this morning. I will try to get them up over the course of the day, but you may also just want to check my New Links at the ESD.10 Links page.

And, to go completely off-topic, this Onion article is too funny to be missed!

Update: Clearly, the press was expecting the Broadcast Protection Discussion Group to have a great, consensus-building report out today. Instead, it looks like there’s nothing but fighting ahead. This was the source of most of the new stuff, although one particularly notable addition is the new EFF weblog (paralleling the one they have been using for the BPDG) on DMCA abuse.

Update 2: Slashdot links for many of the articles added. And Movie88 has come back to life – in Iran!

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  • USA Today talks about the state of the music industry today – problematic, for the most part:

    Here’s the opening paragraph:

    No wonder pop fans are singing the blues. Radio sounds like a broken record. CD prices are heading off the charts. Labels are out of tune with the digital age. New acts fail to strike a chord with listeners. It’s time to face the music. The $14 billion recording industry, struggling through its first sales slump in a decade, faces challenges on several fronts, not the least of which is a tarnished image in the eyes and ears of fans who feel ripped off by greedy, tone-deaf bean counters. In 2001, album sales dropped 2.8% compared with 2000, the first dip since SoundScan began tracking sales in 1991.

  • A couple of articles on the Broadcast Protection Discussion group.

    • ZDNet offers up a hopeful article on the policy deliberations of this group
    • SiliconValley.com (parroting a widely quoted Reuters Newswire article) also offers up an expectation of success
    • The EFF’s weblog on the discussion offers up a much grimmer picture
    • The Washington Post discusses background on the issues, from the viewpoint of the mainstream press.
    • SiliconValley.com points out that Hollywood is pushing for lots of controls
    • The New York Times reports that the BPDG report falls far, far short of expectations, with nothing really settled.
    • Slashdot has two discussions, one based on the Reuters news feed, and one based on the NYTimes article on the outcome. The latter is based on some odd conclusions, IMHO
  • Gwendolyn Mariano gives a detailed look at the growing relationships developing between music delivery companies and hardware vendors.
  • A ZDNet interview with Steve Jobs discusses the latest video codec licensing disputes (1, 2), and Apple’s pending response.
  • Streamwaves gets a tie-in with Universal-Vivendi
  • CopyFight announces (possibly prematurely <G>) Debunking DMCA, a new EFF weblog on the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. Should be a GREAT resource!
  • Findlaw’s Writ has an editorial piece of the use of satire as a political tool on the internet and the potential misapplication of copyright to control it.
  • Law.com has a rather pedestrial piece, albeit loaded with financial details not elsewhere given, on the Napster bankruptcy filings
  • Movie88.com was a WWW site in Taiwan streaming movies for a buck a pop – the MPAA had a fit and they got shut down. Now, it appears that they have returned, operating in a jurisdiction where even Jack Valenti can’t make much headway – Iran. Slashdot discusses