A Test of Deep-Linking Avoided

Gatehouse and New York Times Co. settle lawsuit (pdf)

A clerk to U.S. District Judge William Young said the two sides reached an agreement over the weekend just before the case was set to go to trial Monday in U.S. District Court.

No details have been announced. Lawyers for GateHouse and the New York Times Co. declined immediate comment Monday morning. Catherine Mathis, a spokeswoman for the New York Times Co., did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

Also: while I know that there aren’t many of you still reading this blog, given my poor showing of late (which I hope to get more assiduous about in a week or so), you should also know that FurdLog is going to be “off the air” for a day or so as I change office location at MIT this week. Note also that, because MIT organizes subnets by building, the address for this server will change, so it may also take a day for the domain name servers to update, too.

Later: NYT, Gatehouse release settlement details (pdf)