Living in a Surveillance Society

It’s important not to forget that there are upsides to surveillance: Murder Case Dropped After MetroCard Verifies Alibi pdf

Both brothers were charged with fatally shooting a man in May who prosecutors said was a government witness in drug and gun cases. They could have faced the death penalty had the government decided to seek it.

While the men were in jail, Jason Jones’s lawyers asked New York City Transit to trace his movements on the night of the murder, using his MetroCard. The results showed that the card had been used on a bus and later on a subway, roughly five miles from the shooting, as Mr. Jones had maintained.

Both brothers said on Wednesday that they felt relief, but also anger that they were arrested in the first place. “Right now, it’s a combination of feelings,” Jason Jones said. “It messed our life up totally.”

“I’m still scared,” he added. “Sometimes I feel like I can’t walk outside without turning around to see who’s walking behind me.”

Good plan, I’d say.