Foundation of the Digital Media Project

From CNet News: MPEG founder seeks copy-protection accord

A bevy of digital-media experts, led by the founder of the group that created the widespread MPEG compression standard, launched an international forum Tuesday that’s aimed at standardizing digital media and copy protection technologies.

The new Switzerland-based forum, dubbed the Digital Media Project, is aimed at ending what members say has been a technological civil war that has badly hampered the spread of digital media content and technologies.

With Moving Picture Experts Group founder and erstwhile Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) Executive Director Leonardo Chiariglione at its head, the group plans to produce a set of recommendations, largely focused on existing technologies, that bring content protection plans into the digital mainstream. The group has no official power to enforce its decisions but hopes weary figures from industry and from users’ communities will nevertheless get involved and follow the group’s lead.

We all know what happens when you lie down with the dogs — you get up with fleas. It will be interesting to see what “fleas” come along with this collaboration.