2002 May 31 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-05-31 20:38:55)

Today’s ESD event starts even earlier – but I hope to get a chance to post more this afternoon. For the moment, I’ve just got an article on Clear Channel and the radio business that ties into past material that I’ve found. It suggests that there are some interesting instabilities in the current radio airplay business that directly influence the way in which records come to the attention of listeners – and why internet distribution might change that dramatically, if allowed to.

Well, it turned into a pretty interesting day to roam the WWW looking for material. Some humor, some history and an opportunity to learn all you wanted to know about Key2Audio and iMacs.

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  • Yesterday’s Washington Post has an article discussing the impact of Clear Channel on the way that music is distributed. There was quite a discussion on Slashdot, but there has been a lot of information published online about Clear Channel over the last year or so. To give you a taste:

    It is also worth noting that Clear Channel is preparing to join with FullAudio to offer online subscriptions (1, 2)

  • A little humor from BBSpot – the next generation IP threat of new technology inspired by the events surrounding the release of Eminem’s latest CD.
  • A little more on the latest Eminem release from LawMeme.
  • Law.com shows that the Business Software Alliance has a truly "catholic" attitude toward piracy. LawMeme has a pretty good comment.

  • ZDNet has another article on the supposed prevalence of software piracy, with comments.

  • Cryptonome has posted Jack Valenti’s infamous 1982 testimony discussing the bane of the VCR. To wit:

    Now, the question comes, well, all right, what is wrong with the VCR. One of the Japanese lobbyists, Mr. Ferris, has said that the VCR — well, if I am saying something wrong, forgive me. I don’t know. He certainly is not MGM’s lobbyist. That is for sure. He has said that the VCR is the greatest friend that the American film producer ever had.

    I say to you that the VCR is to the American film producer and the American public as the Boston strangler is to the woman home alone.

    Lawmeme has more information and Consensus at Lawyerpoint gives some of the background. You can read the Sony Betamax decision here.

  • Wired.com has an article on the latest foray into the domain of Web publication of academic journals with unrestricted access.
  • ZDNet has many more details on the Tivo “push programming” exercise that was discussed a couple of days ago.
  • Law.com has one look at how the legal education community is responding to the upsurge in intellectual property issues. With a set of interesting quotes both pro and con the development
  • You may recall Courtney Does the Math – well, her lawsuit doesn’t seem to be going well. Her argument that the California labor law is unfair seems to be falling on deaf ears.
  • MacOpinion has a pretty detailed look at CDs and copy protection. A lot of serious technical info, followed by a set of arguments about the ethical and legal implications of Key2Audio protection.