2002 May 30 links

(entry last updated: 2002-05-31 07:29:12)

Day two of the ESD symposium; again, that means that I am not really going to be around today. A couple of links, but I’m not going to get to put together much to say about them this morning.

Today seems to be about looking at the current and new music sharing services available online. And there’s a look at compulsory licensing at FindLaw

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  • Findlaw’s Writ has a guest column describing the recent KaZaa/Verizon proposal for compulsory licensing of songs.
  • LawMeme finds a newsletter entitled Technological Innovation and Intellectual Property Newsletter
  • The Chicago Sun-Times notes that the City Council, in order to crack down on the resale of stolen CDs and DVDs wants to require tracking of all resales. LawMeme discusses.

  • Seems that the LawMeme link to the discussion of the new Eminem CD (and its high ranking on Gracenote in advance of its release) has changed.
  • Another article on Carnivore and the 9/11 investigation.
  • Slate has an article running down the current music sharing programs available today.
  • SiliconValley.com has an extensive article describing the entrance of two independents, MusicNow and Rhapsody, into the online music business.
  • SiliconValley.com also reports on the results of a survey by the Business Software Alliance on consumer attitudes toward software piracy. Slashdot discusses with a couple other links. GrepLaw adds a bit more.

  • An Internet research company named Viant claims that blockbuster films have led to a 20% increase in downloading of movies. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Is the fact that what is downloaded is also insanely successful relevant?