House Commerce Subcommittee Hearing Yesterday

Titled: H.R. 5353, the Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2008 (Bill Summary from Thomas)

Here’s an excerpt from Mitch Bainwol’s testimony in favor of a tethered internet HR 5353:

If we leave you with only one concept, it is the following: The Internet ought not be a place where chaos in the name of freedom is allowed to reign supreme. Rather, the Internet should be a place where freedom coexists comfortably with respect for property – with respect for order. Order means safety on the Internet, it means tools for parents to do their job raising their kids, and it means consumers enjoy the high speed pipes they purchased without degradation because someone in their neighborhood is downloading obscenity or child pornography, or stealing huge amounts of music. It means having an online environment that encourages innovation for legitimate commerce and social discourse and at the same time also has appropriate deterrents for online theft and other illegal behavior.

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