More on the RIAA lawsuit withdrawal

I guess it was a Boston Globe exclusive. Here’s what else is now available:

  • CNet News: RIAA’s case of mistaken identity?

    The trade association confirmed Wednesday that it had withdrawn its suit against a Boston-area senior citizen named Sarah Ward, who claimed that she could not possibly have been involved in the file-swapping incident attributed to her. Among other objections, Ward is a Macintosh computer user, and there is no Apple version of the Kazaa file-trading software she is supposed to have used, according to attorneys who have spoken to the woman.

    An RIAA spokeswoman said the group did not believe it had made a mistake in identifying the ISP account used by Ward, but that it was dismissing the case for now.

  • And Slashdot: RIAA Sues the Wrong Person Of the many comments, this one brings up something that has been left in the background lately:

    Scary (Score:5, Insightful)

    by 11223 (201561) on Wednesday September 24, @11:11AM (#7044170)

    Note that Orrin Hatch wanted to give these people rights to blow up people’s computers. And how do you think the RIAA got her name from an IP in the first place? My guess is through a DMCA subpoena. This is Not Nice(TM).

It’ll be interesting to see what Donna’s got brewing.