Project Playlist Targeted

This ought to be a pretty interesting test case. They appear to be doing nothing different than what Google does, and they go out of their way to explain how to set up a robots.txt file to make sure they don’t crawl content you don’t want indexed. But, since it’s music, who knows how this will turn out: Record companies sue Project Playlist on copyright (pdf)

Nine major record labels filed suit against an online music provider on Monday, accusing Project Playlist Inc of a “massive infringement” of their copyrights to the songs of artists such as U2 and Gwen Stefani.

Project Playlist ( enables its users to easily find, play and share music with others for free, according to the suit filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan.

From the Project Playlist site:

The Project Playlist website includes a search engine that automatically spiders websites for our search engine index. In addition, users are freely able to submit links for their playlists.

Most webmasters love links to their website because it drives traffic to their site and increases the site visibility. Many musicians, record labels, music blogs and other music related websites want links to their music files to promote their music. We provide this service for that reason.

Any media files or html pages uploaded to the internet becomes part of the world wide web and, if placed in a public part of your site, become viewable by everyone and anyone. When creating your website it is important to keep this in mind.