Reports on Yesterday’s FCC Hearing At Stanford U

FCC wrangles over Net neutrality issue (pdf)

A divided Federal Communications Commission on Thursday grappled further with the thorny issue of how to relieve increasing online congestion, disagreeing sharply over whether government regulations are needed.

The five-member commission met at Stanford University during a seven-hour meeting delving into Net neutrality, the principle that all Internet traffic be treated equal.

Copps, Adelstein, Tate, McDowell Statements; Standford Internet & Society hearing info

From the Washington Post, we get Net Neutrality Hearing Hits Silicon Valley (pdf), which highlights the Christian Coalition’s take instead of Rick Carnes’ of the Songwriters’ Guild:

“The Internet connects people all over the world in a manner and scope of ease that is impossible if it were not online,” said Michelle Combs, vice president of the Christian Coalition, a proponent of rules that would force Internet providers to keep their networks open to content. “Organizations like the Christian Coalition should use the Internet to communicate with our members and worldwide audience without snooping or blocking or slowing down,” she said at the hearing at Stanford Law School.

Later: Larry Lessig posts his testimony as a video — and a quite heated discussion accompanies it.

Also note an earlier House Judiciary hearing: Hearing on Net Neutrality and Free Speech on the Internet.