Refining the Business Model – 3

Major record companies weigh deal with online servicepdf

Major record companies may be considering deals with Qtrax to allow music lovers to listen to any tune, anytime, free of charge.

Qtrax says that the four big labels — Universal Music Group, owned by Vivendi; Sony-BMG Music Entertainment; Warner Music Group; and EMI Group — have agreed to license their digital catalogs to the service, which aims to exploit online music bandits for commercial purposes.

Executives at Universal, Warner and EMI say they haven’t signed deals with Qtrax, though a Universal spokesman says the label is “really close” to coming to terms. Officals with Sony haven’t returned phone calls.

A Qtrax spokesman insists the deals have been made.

Later (1/29/2008): Qtrax jumped gun on online deal, labels saypdf