Potential Writer’s Strike Fallout

Could a strike be a ball for Web?pdf

[I]t seems one of the biggest unknowns has to do with the vast quantities of entertainment that are now being generated for the Web — and remember, the value of scripted material broadcast over the Internet and other non-TV media is one of the major issues that writers and producers have been squaring off over. The Web, as a matter of fact, is the one obvious difference between now and ’88. Faced with a long drought of fresh scripted material on network and cable TV, are we all going to end up junkies for the junk on YouTube? Hey, catch you later on MyDamnChannel.com! FunnyOrDie.com — it’s alive again!

Simply put, will the strike be a watershed moment for Web TV, the same way the 1988 strike was for cable? Maybe convergence — how many laptops have you burned through since you last took that term seriously? — will arrive at last, a meeting of the twain.

Well, maybe. Certainly that’s the hope of the teeming legions of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who are crossing their fingers for their own YouTube jackpot. […]

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