2002 May 23 Links

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A great day for humor on the CD copy protection front.

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  • User Friendly chimes in on the latest in CD copy protection circumvention.
  • BBSpot adds its own look at the marker "controversy."

  • So, Sony’s looking for a new way to achieve the same ends?
  • The Washington Post is reporting that Microsoft’s efforts to lobby the Pentagon to outlaw open source software is having an opposite effect. Slashdot discusses, and LawMeme has a good set of companion links.
  • The Guardian writes about movie piracy, with studios claiming “hundreds of thousands” of downloads of Star Wars’ AotC so far.
  • Salon has an article about FightCloud.com, which has a different business model for CD sales. Update: The author of the Salon piece has posted an article to Slashdot, giving links to the material that DIDN’T get into the article.
  • Followup: The NYTimes article on DVRs that I posted to yesterday’s links (click on the yellow arrow below) has led to a Slashdot discussion.
  • Doc Searls gives an entertaining and exhaustive review in LinuxJournal of the CARP webcasting royalty controversy to date.

  • For some heavy reading, take a look at Cyberspace as Place, and the Tragedy of the Digital Anticommons – the article suggests that the use of private property as a working metaphor for resource allocation in a domain that does not really support the features of true private property (i.e., the internet) leads to gross misallocations of resources and terrible misperception of opportunities and threats. Interesting read albeit lengthy (117 page PDF).