New Cellphone Services

“Every step you take, I will be watching you.” Nokia Does a Map Deal, Signaling Strategic Bet

The acquisition, Nokia’s largest, is an indication of where Nokia and other handset makers are headed. Navteq specializes in location-based services, which uses the Global Positioning System to track movement and delivers information to a consumer about routes and destinations. Because the services could include advertisements and promotions related to the locations, wireless carriers and mobile phone makers see potential for new sources of revenue.

“It’s a step that moves us toward the Swiss Army phone,” said Roger Entner, a senior vice president for communications at IAG Research. “It tells you where to go, where to pick up your children, how to find your spouse. It does everything for you.”

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Residents of big cities like New York and London must accept that they are under constant watch by video cameras, Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York said yesterday.